Services and Facilities

ImesAPI’s Division of Services and Facilities has been in the field of developing and maintaining installations and infrastructures for more than 80 years, especially in cities and buildings, installing, maintaining and managing urban assets such as street lighting, traffic lights and communication networks, fountains and irrigation networks, among others.

Installations and maintenance of buildings of diverse types: more than 40 years’ experience in performing and maintaining HV and LV networks, heating and air conditioning, fire protection, water and gas networks. We carry out these activities in the Industrial and Tertiary sectors, in shopping centres, educational, health and institutional buildings, government buildings, ports, airports, among others.

This experience has led us to take a step further; the integration of all data inherent to these assets and systems in a platform that enables an analysis of their status, operation and management. The ultimate goal is to achieve operating efficiency and efficient consumption of energy, water or supplies. This way, we can participate in the most complex and innovative schemes for managing buildings –Smart Buildings- and cities –Smart Cities- imesAPI is also involved in the results and value enhancement of this efficiency goal, providing Energy Services.

Outstanding Projects