imesAPI Group, through SERMICRO Group, are specialists in Outsourcing Technology: We supply and maintain computer and communications infrastructures and equipment at all scales. We also provide solutions and software applications and human resources to implement and maintain them. Our Remote Service Centre provides permanent monitoring and specialized support 24/7, with multilingual capabilities.

In the area of communications and networking, we provide support to Telecommunication Operators, whom we help deploy their networks and popularize their services among consumers. The main international telecommunication operators are clients of imesAPI Group.

Today, our Smart City solutions contribute to the technological development of society and the efficient use of public resources for urban spaces: public lighting, water management, information panels, parking systems, route planners, electric vehicles charging stations, etc.
imesAPI group, through SERMICRO group, has a presence in the traditional sectors of activity, in full technological transformation, as well as in the emerging ones. Proof of this are the solutions of Big Data with application in the agricultural sector, and the services of Digital Signs.

Special mention should be made of the solution for the whole agricultural sector, under the BYNSE brand, which provides companies of this sector with information that may be fundamental for the management of their crops.

As an essential complement to the provision of ICT services and the deployment of projects, imesAPI Group, through  SERMICRO Group, offers logistic services specialized in ICT products and in general, in high value products. Both commercial logistic and logistic of spare parts, with total traceability supported by state-of-the-art technology.

Keep it in mind: for your technology projects, imesAPI Group wants to be your trusted partner, making them a reality with a guarantee of success.

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