Air Transport

We offer global solutions for international transport and logistics. When it comes to fragile loads or they cannot wait, you need a transport with special attention and speed. For these cases the ideal medium is the airplane. imesAPI Group offers services from and to any part of the world and coordinates and takes care of your most urgent and delicate shipments.
Through its company Cygnus Air, imesAPI Group offers its clients a comprehensive service, managing all the documentation for the shipment of the goods by means of international air transport and their tracking until final destination.


Benefit from our experience, obtaining maximum security and speed in your international shipments with a great agility of processing in the customs offices.
You will have at your disposal a team of experienced professionals in the processing of the necessary administrative documentation for the air freight transport.
We have broad experience in the aviation sector and we hold an AOC, Air Operator Certificate, issued by AESA (State Agency for Aviation Safety).
Besides this operational license focused on the operation in Europe, we hold other important licenses, such as the FAR part 129, which allows us to operate to and from the US.
Cygnus Air’s main activity is the operation of its two cargo aircraft through leasing contracts such as the Wet Lease or through charter flights that are subjected to the demand for the transport of goods. All these operations carried out under maximum safety conditions.
We also have the approval to be an EASA 145 maintenance organization, which allows us to do maintenance online.
Currently, our company operates charter and regular cargo flights for major companies within the air freight field, such as TNT or IAG Cargo.



Wet Lease


Cargo / Passenger Charter Flights


Operations Assessment and AOC


AOC Coverage