imesAPI Group, aware of the crucial importance of having properly trained staff, has a program of continuous training and skills development aimed at covering those gaps and training needs of employees as identified during the year and which are in line with the competences established in management models.
The training plan aims to meet the training needs of employees for the correct execution of their work and for their professional development.
This training plan is continually updated to fit the needs of each area and ultimately of each person.
imesAPI Group adapts the training to various profiles: online and classroom training, specific, general and tailored courses, etc.
Specifically, the companies of imesAPI Group give training in areas connected with, among others, the following:

  • Training of managers and technicians
  • Technological specialization in the managerial and productive systems
  • Knowledge of the services we provide
  • Quality and environment policies
  • Ethics and integrity, gender equality and workplace harassment
  • Safety at work

Prevention of Occupational Hazards

imesAPI Group’s policy on prevention aims to promote the improvement of working conditions raising the level of protection, safety and health of workers in the workplace, as well as promote effective integration of prevention of occupational risks in the management system of the company.

To this end, the Group assumes as its own the principles and obligations indicated in Law 31/1995 of 8 November on prevention of occupational hazards and its implementing regulations, and regards it as the minimum level of performance in this regard.

In accordance with these premises, imesAPI Group commits itself to:

  • Involve all members of the company in prevention activities to prevent injuries or deterioration in the health of workers.
  • Develop, implement and maintain a Prevention management model aimed at continually improving the management and performance of safety and health at work
  • Ensure compliance with the regulations that are applicable to us as well as other requirements to which the organization subscribes
  • Promulgate this policy within the organization and have it available to other interested parties
  • Periodically review this preventive policy to ensure it remains relevant and appropriate

This policy provides the framework for setting and reviewing health and safety objectives of imesAPI Group.

Equality Policy


The companies within imesAPI Group, as they belong to ACS Group, endorse ACS’s Code of Conduct.

Equal opportunities, non-discrimination and respect for human rights, which are basic principles contained in the Group’s Code of Conduct, are also crucial when promoting professional and personal development of all employees of imesAPI Group.

imesAPI Group rejects discrimination for any reason. This commitment extends to all recruitment processes, career development and promotion, which are based on the assessment of the person’s capabilities, individual performance, training and analysis of the requirements of the position.