Conservation and Environment

ImesAPI’s Conservation and Environment Department is in charge of various work and service contracts of Roads, Environment, Sewage and Building. The name of the Department highlights that the main business is the conservation of infrastructures in those fields.


Mobility and Industrial

This Department deals with highly varied works, among which the most salient are signalling and equipment of infrastructures. This includes our own traffic sign factory. ‘Mobility’ refers to activities such as on-street parking management, improvement works and equipment of urban areas.


Services and Facilities

For more than 80 years, this Department has provided and maintained services and facilities, actively participating in the cities’ development by installing, preserving and managing dispersed urban assets.


ICT Services

Our ICT services aim at providing the technological solutions every company or organization needs. This way, our clients are able to focus on their business and their clients’ business. We provide and maintain Information and Communication Technology infrastructure and equipment at all scales. We also provide software solutions and applications, as well as the human resources to implement and maintain them.


ImesAPI Group is a large firm which operates in various sectors. Its salient features are its vast experience, prompt and dynamic response, highly specialised professional teams and its commitment to new technologies.


Our Clients