Conservation and Environment

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imesAPI’s Conservation and Environment Department is in charge of various work and service contracts of Roads, Environment, Sewage and Building. The name of the Department highlights that the main business is the conservation of infrastructures in those fields.

On the Road Sector, imesAPI Group is one of the pioneering companies in the execution of contracts for maintenance and operation, but its field of action goes beyond that, also doing renovation and improvement, emergency works, performances in urban areas, as maintenance of pavements and works of revitalization of urban spaces, tunnel management and road safety audits.

Regarding the Environment, imesAPI Group stands out for its contracts for conservation of parks and gardens, irrigation networks, creation of urban green spaces, restoration of watercourses and prevention of forest fires.

Regarding Sewage, imesAPI Group holds contracts for the maintenance of networks, using the latest technology available in the inspection and treatment of pipes, and contracts for the management and maintenance of water treatment plants.

Finally, in the Building field, imesAPI builds and performs the construction and renovation of buildings, enlargements, renovations and recycling, as well as infrastructure maintenance.



Roads and Motorways

  • Maintenance and Operation
  • Installation and Management of Tunnels
  • Road Safety
  • Road Safety Audits
  • Restoration and Improvement
  • Emergency works
  • Restoration of bridges
  • Roadside Treatments

Renovation of Urban Spaces

  • On Street Parking Management
  • Public Light Maintenance and Management
  • Traffic Lights Maintenance and Management
  • Maintenance of Fountains and  Ponds
  • Maintenance of Road Surface and Paving
  • Urban Improvement Works
  • Construction of Sports Facilities
  • Installation and Maintenance of Urban Furniture and Playgrounds

Sewage and Water Supply

  • Construction of Networks
  • Maintenance of Networks
  • Water Treatment Plants


  • Construction of Parks and Gardens
  • Maintenance of Parks and Gardens
  • Silvicultural Treatments and Fire Prevention
  • Restoration of Riverbeds
  • Irrigation networks
  • Forestry Works

Building and Construction

  • Construction
  • Restoration and Renovation
  • Maintenance of Buildings
  • Comprehensive Maintenance of Complexes
  • Industrial Maintenance
  • Facility Management


Conservation and Environment

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