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ALBATROS LOGISTIC S.A. is a LOGISTIC OPERATOR specialized in Integral Logistic within the computer, electronic, telecommunications and high value products sectors in general, providing value added services in all of them.
Alongside storing and distribution, ALBATROS LOGISTIC S.A. provides its clients the added value of preparation and handling of equipment, whether informatics, electronic, mobile telephony, marketing or publishing, with the highest quality standards.
ALBATROS LOGISTIC S.A. offers its clients the transformation of fixed costs into variable costs. Our services are customised to meet each client’s needs. We have a distribution network with national and international coverage.
At ALBATROS LOGISTIC S.A. we currently have 41,000 m2 of facilities equipped to the highest standards, to offer our clients the experience and professionalism that characterizes us with top quality services.
Our facilities are equipped with electronic security systems and have 24 / 7 specialized surveillance.
We use state-of-the-art technology information systems for the automation of warehouse processes, which include WIFI radiofrequency, PDAs equipped with barcode readers and RFID systems. We track distribution with mobile communication equipment.




  • Reception of palletised and fractioned merchandise, with inspection and labelling per unit
  • Quality control according to client’s needs.
  • Preparation of goods exits of the clients, being specialized in preparation of orders with picking, packing and personalization (Orders ONE TO ONE).
  • Inventory management and stock control, with rigorous monitoring of input and output of the material each client has stored.
  • Storage, per-assembly and just-in-time supply to production lines.
  • Preparation, Storage and Distribution of specific official bodies.
  • PLV y promocional (Reposiciones y Campañas)
  • Management of Contracts  (companies and private individuals)


  • Verifying, Installing, and Configuring Peripherals on Computers.
  • Recycling and adaptation of used equipment.
  • Handling and Packing according to regulations.
  • Handling of Packs (Telephone + Card + Various).
  • Handling of telephone Blocking/Unblocking 
  • Handling of telephone programming
  • Special Labelling (Cod. Extensions, Prices,…)
  • Anti-theft systems
  • Printing of documents and mass mailings
  • Enveloping, pre-posting and posting.
  • Shrink-wrapping and Strapping
  • Promotional Packs and sales


  • Internal Fleet for C.A.M. (Autonomous Region of Madrid) with on-line information
  • Total integration with transport partners: Joint label, computerized delivery and billing data, computer reception of the status of shipments and personalized tracking
  • Customised to client’s needs: Packaging, Courier, Messaging, full Loads, special S,…
  • Cash on Delivery Management
  • Management of home delivery with simultaneous collection
  • Management of Customs Procedures
  • Installation / Replacement of equipment at final destination (private individuals, official bodies, companies, …)
  • Specialized distribution with unloading, unpacking and location of computers, racks, servers, etc …
  • Custom Tracking Web Page

Added Value

  • Quality Control (Input and / or Output)
  • Inventory Management and Stock Control
  • Reverse Logistic
  • Logística Inversa.
  • Specialised logistic for e-commerce
  • Call-Centres of Attention and Reception of Orders
  • National and International Cross-Docking
  • Supplier Order Management

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POS + Marketing




Albatros Logistic S.A.


C/ Franklin, 15
28906 Getafe ( Madrid )
Tel.: (91) 665 46 40 – Fax: (91) 683 00 82

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