Our Companies


imesAPI’s Conservation and Environment Department is in charge of various work and service contracts of Roads, Environment, Sewage and Building.

The name of the Department highlights that the main business is the conservation of infrastructures in those fields.


API movilidad S.A. specialises in the conservation of roads, streets, pavements and sidewalks, urban furniture, signalling and road marking, and in general any public infrastructure that needs specialised conservation. Its most developed area of business is the comprehensive maintenance of roads, currently being Spain’s leading company in this field, with more than 9,000 km of roads and more than 40 contracts in force.

API movilidad Group


API fabricación specialises in manufacturing and installing traffic signs and road marking. It’s been a leading company in this field for over 40 years.


COSERSA provides services nationwide. It has the best technology and equipment for sewage and waste management.


TRAFIURBE are experts in signalling and road safety in Portugal.


MIDASCO LLC is a leading company in Construction and Roads in the USA.


VENELÍN, experts in Cleaning and Sewage in Venezuela


The Division of Services and Facilities has been developing and maintaining infrastructure and facilities over 80 years. In this period it has specialized in the installation, maintenance and management of dispersed urban assets such as street lighting, traffic lights and communication networks, fountains and irrigation networks among others.


Since its foundation in 1985, Sermicro has consolidated itself as a reference company in the area of ICT.

Today more than 1,500 business clients rely on us. With more than 2,200 professionals, our vocation is to provide services for companies and users to use IT successfully and efficiently. We facilitate IT suppliers the deployment of infrastructure and provision of their services.



Dimática Software Development was founded in 2014 within the Sermicro Group to provide high standard software services.


In addition to providing traditional ICT services, DINSA specializes in high value-added solutions in various technological fields.

ALBATROS LOGISTIC S.A. specializes in comprehensive logistic in the computer, electronic, telecommunications and high-value products in general, contributing value-added services to all of them.